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For the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the industry’s leading experts, attend the Networking Breakfasts. These informal, give-and-take roundtable discussions provide an ideal way to ask questions and gain new information about trends, current issues or specific challenges. Moderated by a specialized industry expert, each table addresses a different topic – spend the entire time at one table or move around to different tables for insight into a variety of issues while enjoying a hot breakfast buffet.

Wednesday, December 9
Thursday, December 10

7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Cost: $50

Wednesday, December 9

GHG Solutions
Table Moderators:
• Rajendra Gaikwad, Ph.D., Sargent & Lundy LLC
• Bonnie Marini, Ph.D., Siemens

Challenges Facing Renewables
Table Moderators:
• Paula Mints, SPV Market Research
• Samuel Barnes, Commonwealth Associate, Inc.
• Jayant Khambekar, Ph.D., Jenike & Johanson Inc.

Issues in Transmission / Interconnection
Table Moderators:
• Jeffrey Schroeter, Genova Power Advisors LLC
• Karen Bertram, Integrated Energy LLC

Renewable Energy Outlook for 2016
Table Moderator:
• Julie Ungerleider, Coronal Group LLC
Distributed Energy Resources
Table Moderators:
• David Walls, Navigant
• Raj Chudgar, Power Generation Services Inc.

Gas Turbines – An O&M Perspective
Table Moderators:
• Mike Harbison, M E H Associates
• Merrill Jones, Day & Zimmermann ECM

Policy & Regulation
Table Moderators:
• Robert Bjorge, Ph.D., CalEnergyConsulting
• Zig Biernacki, Zig Biernacki Utility Consulting Services LLC

Energy Storage
Table Moderators:
• Septimus van der Linden, Brulin Associates
• Darren Hammell, Princeton Power Systems

Nuclear Power – Outlook for 2016
Table Moderators:
• Rick Higginbotham, GE
• Joseph Smith, Ph.D., Systems Analyses and Solutions, Inc.

Project Finance
Table Moderators:
• Tom Lubnow, MPR Associates Inc.
• Paul K. Trygstad, West Peak Energy LLC
• Lynn Bertuglia, Black & Veatch

Combined Heat & Power
Table Moderator:
• Massood Ramezan, Ph.D., P.E., Leonardo Technologies Inc.

CCR and ELG Rulings
Table Moderators:
• Rob Broglio, NAES Corporation
• Mike Bobinecz, PMP, CH2MHILL

Workforce Challenges
Table Moderator:
• Bernard Vanderlande, Tula International

Large Scale Solar

Table Moderators:
• Charles Lyda, Fluor Corporation

Table Moderator
• Mahesh Bhave, Ph.D., Indian Institute of Management

Thursday, December 10

Hybrid Solutions

Table Moderator:
• Halley Dickey, Industrial Builders

Renewable Energy and the Developing World

Table Moderator:
• Tom Stringfellow, NAES Corp.

Cyber & Physical Security
Table Moderator:
• James Knowlton, Hyperion Systems

On-Site Power
Table Moderator:
• Chad Dozier, Caterpillar Inc.

Gas Turbine – Technology Advances

Table Moderators:
• Jeff Benoit, PSM - An Alstom Company
• Ron Pohl, LAI International Inc.

Outlook for Natural Gas Supply

Table Moderators:
• Brad Patterson, Duke Energy International
• William Damon, P.E., HDR

Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Table Moderator:
• Pat Albert, NEM USA Corp.

Distributed Solar
Table Moderator:
• Raymond Hudson, DNV GL

Microgrids – Challenges & Applications

Table Moderator:
• Phil Davis, Schneider Electric

Coal Plants: Staying Competitive & Compliant
Table Moderator:
• Thomas Sarkus, National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA Department of Energy

Current Trends in Nuclear

Table Moderator:
• Michael Martin, Fluor Corp.

The Clean Power Plant
Table Moderator:
• Peter Belmonte, P.E., Environmental Resources Management

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines
Table Moderators:
• Mike Harbison, MEH Associates
• Laura Nicholson, CMI Energy


Table Moderator:
• James Bubb, MPR Associates Inc.

Table Moderator:
• Andrew Coleman, Ph.D., P.G., EPRI

Table Moderator:
• Jason Graham, Avista

Electrical Generators
Table Moderator:
• Bill Moore, P.E., National Electric Coil
• William Rhoads, NorthWestern Energy

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