A Great Listing = Higher Traffic


You may have already asked yourself… How do attendees find MY company?! The answer is… WAY sooner than you realize. Event attendees plan their trip through the exhibition hall WELL before they arrive onsite. How do they do this? Attendees simply search for the products, services and company names they are looking to do business with in the Interactive Floor Plan (this can be done on the website or on our mobile app (coming soon). They can even create their own plan of action and save companies they want to be sure to visit with during the event OR even schedule meetings with exhibitors before the show starts! THIS is why it’s vital to set up your listing so you can be found!

So, now that you know WHY you want to build a listing, let’s talk about HOW to get this set up. This part is EASY!

  • First step: Go to the Exhibitor Resources page and click Manage Your Listing to access your company’s profile – This log in information was sent to your booths main contact via the confirmation email
  • Next: Click ‘Edit Booth Info. This is where you will be able to add or update your company’s details, profile, logo, keywords, social links and select the appropriate categories for your company
    • Keep in mind that the length of your profile is limited to a character count.
    • It’s important to utilize your keywords! These along with your product categories are how our attendees find YOUR COMPANY on the floor!
  • Click SAVE and you’re all done! IF there are any errors the system will let you know what needs to be fixed
  • The final stage in building out a COMPLETE listing is to upload your products or services. To do so, click ‘Manage Products’
    • Here you can upload an image for each product or service and include a description
    • This is another great way to get found on the exhibit floor

Now, I have great news! All that I have just mentioned, is included in your Basic Listing Package! There are just certain limitations with the Basic Package that I’ll share with you now.

  • In the Basic Listing Package, you are limited to 250 characters in your company profile, you can only select 3 product/service categories and only upload 3 products or services to your listing.

How do you get more? GREAT QUESTION! You can upgrade your listing to Gold, Platinum or Elite at ANY time. Upgrading provides you an extension on all that we have discussed today, PLUS an opportunity to add show specials, press releases and even VIDEOS to your listing! Download a pdf with more information about upgrading.

Your company has already made a sizable investment into the show, so we want to be sure you see the ROI you’re looking for. If you need help with your listing or have questions about upgrading your listing contact Sarah Davis at sdavis@pennwell.com or 918.831.9740