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Coal may not be King, but still Royalty in Developing World


So what’s a long-time reliable power source with a 300-year supply to do as utilities in the U.S. and Europe leave it in droves? For companies and nations which rely on coal, the answer is to make it more efficient...

A Great Listing = Higher Traffic


So you're an official POWER-GEN International exhibitor and now you're asking yourself, "How do attendees find me?". Attendees are already searching for products, services and company names through our handy Interactive Floor Plan. 

Demand for Clean Energy Coming from Businesses, not Politics

Demand for Clean Energy Coming from Businesses, not Politics


U.S. companies are dominating corporate procurement of clean energy this year even as global demand rises, and the record pace accelerated with two new and very different types of American firms announcing renewable power purchase agreements (PPA)...

Conference Details are LIVE

POWER-GEN Conference Details Now Available


POWER-GEN conference website has gone live, showing all 12 tracks along with VIDEOS for each! Shiny new tracks include #microgrids #solar #wind and #hydropower. 

Viewpoint: Here’s Where Cybersecurity Matters for Renewable Technologies


Renewable Energy World’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast recently invited two experts to talk about the ways cybersecurity issues are affecting the renewable energy sector.

What Inspired You to Pursue a Career in Energy?


Five years ago, PennWell Corporation founded the Women in Power committee as part of POWERGEN International and gave me the honor of leading it. I assembled a group of high-powered women and we met both in person and in conference calls over the l...

Young Professionals at POWER-GEN International

Why Young Professionals in Power Generation Choose POWER-GEN


POWER-GEN is not only a great place for young professionals to learn and witness the broadness of power generation technologies and other contributing markets, but it is also a great place to market yourself and your company.

Petra Nova: An Evolutionary Project


The Petra Nova project has been described as an evolutionary project, because the technology can be directly applied to existing coal-fired power plants.


An Inspiration to Young Leaders: Who Will Be the 2018 POWER-GEN Woman of the Year?


True leaders inspire others to take action and deliver on change confidently. At POWER-GEN International, one woman is recognized for her efforts to motivate young women to pursue careers in energy. 


3@3 on Solar PV: POWER-GEN 2017 Highlights, Plus Insights on the Energy Imbalance Market


See Jennifer Runyon and Paula Mints give a live 3@3 on Solar PV at the POWER-GEN International 2017 conference. They talk about highlights from the conference keynote and delve into the energy imbalance market.

Thirty Years of Steady Electricity Growth Expected


After years of little or no growth in electricity usage, the U.S. power sector is poised for a new era of steady growth in consumption.

Solar Manufacturing and POWER-GEN International Coming Soon to Florida


JinkoSolar announced in March that it plans to build a 400-MW capacity solar module manufacturing plant in Jacksonville, Florida. NextEra Energy announced that it plans to buy a significant portion of the modules from the facility over the next fo...

Cybersecurity Risk and Reality


While thousands of cyberattacks launched against U.S. power plants and distribution systems have not yielded a meaningful disruption in power supplies, the probability that hackers already have the ability to shut down U.S. power stations at will ...