2018 Summit tracks

With FIVE new tracks in 2018, POWERGEN International truly covers ALL forms of power generation broken up into 12 tracks. Nearly 300 industry experts from all over the world will present new solutions and innovations for the future. Full conference attendees will also earn 10 PDH credit hours. Make sure to register as a full conference attendee to take advantage of all these opportunities.

Professional Development Hours
Attendees registered as Full Conference Delegates are eligible to receive 10 hours of Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits. Instructions on how to access your certificate of completion will be automatically emailed to all eligible Conference Delegates following POWERGEN International.

supply chain management

Microgrids: an ideal solution - NEW in 2018!

The rapid growth and development of microgrids is driven by a need for greater reliability and use of distributed energy resources. What’s more, microgrids offer power producers and their customers a way to better control energy costs. Sessions in this track feature thought leaders, project managers and power providers who will examine the latest developments in design, implementation, operation and regulation of microgrids.

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions and cybersecurity

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While efforts to make more sense of the information collected from power generation equipment can improve a plant’s bottom line, they also increase a plant’s vulnerability to a cyberattack. In this track, experts will discuss the technologies behind this digital revolution and the efforts to protect the world’s power plants from the growing number of cyberattacks. 

Solar Power

All things solar - NEW in 2018!

The fastest growing new energy source year after year is solar power. From behemoth utility-scale installations to smaller behind-the-meter distributed generation, sessions in this track provide a look into photovoltaic technology including modules, inverters, balance of systems, trackers, and the smart software that makes it all work. 

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power project financing

Show me the money!

Financing experts explore the financing options and strategies that work best in today’s power generation market. Among other things, panelists will examine liquidity issues, risk and return expectations, new development possibilities, and the financial and regulatory barriers to overcome in today’s tight financial market. 

clean coal

Emissions: cut it out!

Investments in mandatory emissions reduction can cost more than the original plant. In this track, we’ll be examining efforts to improve compliance, control costs, enhance performance, and improve technologies designed to reduce air and water emissions from power plants that burn coal and natural gas.

Gas-fired power plants

Operations & design of gas-fired plants

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In these sessions, speakers will examine topics related to the chemistry, mechanics, operation, and construction of gas-fired power generation. Topics include generators, peaking systems, steam turbines, HRSGs, combined-cycle systems, boilers, and balance-of-plant systems. 

plant performance

Optimizing plant performance 

Panelists explore ways to improve and optimize the performance and reliability of existing fossil-fired power generation assets. Topics include: gas and steam turbines, boilers, heat recovery steam generators, automation/optimization and maintenance. 

energy storage

Energy Storage Breakthroughs

The widespread deployment of cost-effective, grid-scale energy storage solutions is looming. The ability to store large amounts of power will help power producers fill the production gaps created by growing amounts of intermittent generation. This popular track will cover software solutions, capacity firming, battery life, frequency regulation, and microgrids. 


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wind power

Next-gen wind - NEW in 2018!

There are more than 500 GWs of wind power installed capacity across the world today and this number is expected to grow by at least 10 percent each year. Sessions in this track explore new and innovative turbine technology from the nacelle to the foundation, project development, O&M strategies, and markets for both onshore and offshore wind. 

gas turbine technologies

Gas turbines: what's new?

These sessions cover a wide range of gas turbine-related topics, including technology advancements, simple cycle and combined cycle considerations, fuel flexibility, and operation and maintenance issues. In addition, major gas turbine OEMs will participate in a mega-session showcasing their latest innovations.

onsite power

Flexible generation and on-site power

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Fluctuating demand for power and the intermittent nature of renewable generation means power producers are building large power blocks from either a series of small turbines or reciprocating engines. The need for more flexible partnering generation is at the root of this movement and has led to significant interest in evaluating these technologies for the specific needs of power producers. 


Hydropower trends & innovations

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Hydropower is one of the oldest forms of clean power generation in the world and yet the industry continues to innovate and grow. Sessions in this track cover innovations in areas such as, turbine technology, control systems and operations and maintenance. Cutting-edge trends in new markets, finance and energy storage will also be covered.

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