Emissions: cut it out! track

Track description:

Investments in mandatory emissions reduction can cost more than the original plant. In this track, we’ll be examining efforts to improve compliance, control costs, enhance performance, and improve technologies designed to reduce air and water emissions from power plants that burn coal and natural gas.

• Electrostatic Precipitators
• Activated Carbon Injection
• Selective Catalytic Reduction
• Dry Sorbent Injection
• Dry Scrubbers
• Wet Scrubbers
• Mercury
• Carbon Dioxide
• Nitrogen Oxides
• Sulfur Dioxide
• Carbon Capture and Sequestration
• Water Management, Treatment and Discharge
• Pre-Combustion
• Post-Combustion
• Low-NOx Burners

NEW Knowledge Hub


FREE Education on the Exhibit Floor | Open to ALL! 

Our NEW Knowledge Hubs (presentation theaters) are open to ALL attendees and are broken into these four categories:

• Decarbonization & Decentralization
• Energy Storage & Integration Challenges
• The Future of Baseload
• Emerging Industry Trends & Technologies


Track chair:


Stephen Henson
Senior Engineer
Westar Energy