Operations & design of gas-fired plants track

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In these sessions, speakers will examine topics related to the chemistry, mechanics, operation, and construction of gas-fired power generation. Topics include generators, peaking systems, steam turbines, HRSGs, combined-cycle systems, boilers, and balance-of-plant systems. 

• Combined Cycle
• Simple Cycle Balance of Plant Systems
• Peaking Systems
• Boilers
• O&M
• Steam Turbines
• Generators
• Heat Recovery Steam Generators

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FREE Education on the Exhibit Floor | Open to ALL! 

These micro-sessions are open to all attendees. There will be four Knowledge Hubs scattered throughout the hall with sessions taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

101 styled courses will also be available, check-out this Gas-Fired 101 Course


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Jim Sims
Vice President - Business Development
Vogt Power International