Gas Turbines: What's New? Track

Track Description: 

These sessions cover a wide range of gas turbine-related topics, including technology advancements, simple cycle and combined cycle considerations, fuel flexibility, and operation and maintenance issues. In addition, major gas turbine OEMs will participate in a mega-session showcasing their latest innovations.


  • Flexibility and Integration
  • Gas Turbine Design and Performance
  • Exhaust Flow
  • Efficiency Improvements
  • Aerodynamics
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Combustion Optimization
  • Gas Turbine Coatings
  • Metallurgy

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NEW Knowledge Hubs


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Our NEW Knowledge Hubs offer several sessions that discuss gas turbines, including:

Gas-Fired Power 101
Minimize Project Delays in Combined Cycle Plants
Development of Natural Gas Infrastructure in North America

Track Chair: 


Tom Ghesquiere