Hydropower trends & innovations track - NEW in 2018!

Track description: 

Hydropower is one of the oldest forms of clean power generation in the world, and yet the industry continues to innovate and grow. Sessions in this track cover innovations in areas such as turbine technology, control systems, and operations and maintenance. Cutting-edge trends in new markets, finance and energy storage will also be covered.

• Baseload Energy
• Case Studies
• Climate Resilience
• Distributed Resources
• Energy Storage
• Financing Issues
• Grid Stabilization
• Intermittent Renewables
• New Development
• Operations & Maintenance
• Pumped Storage Hydro
• Small Hydro
• Technology Advances
• Water Supply Issues

NEW Knowledge Hubs


FREE Education on the Exhibit Floor | Open to ALL! 

Our NEW Knowledge Hubs (presentation theaters) are open to ALL attendees and are broken into these four categories:
• Decarbonization & Decentralization
• Energy Storage & Integration Challenges
• The Future of Baseload
• Emerging Industry Trends & Technologies

Track chair: 


Elizabeth Ingram
Hydro Content Director
Clarion Energy