Show me the money! track

Track description:

Financing experts explore the financing options and strategies that work best in today’s power generation market. Among other things, panelists will examine liquidity issues, risk and return expectations, new development possibilities, and the financial and regulatory barriers to overcome in today’s tight financial market. 

• Risk and Return
• Secondary Markets
• Investment Opportunities
• Trends in Project Financing
• Unconventional Financing
• Liquidity Issues
• Policies and Regulations

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NEW Knowledge Hubs


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Our NEW Knowledge Hubs (presentation theaters) are open to ALL attendees and are broken into these four categories:
• Decarbonization & Decentralization
• Energy Storage & Integration Challenges
• The Future of Baseload
• Emerging Industry Trends & Technologies

Track chair:


Elias Hinckley
K&L Gates LLP