Next-gen wind track

Track description: 

There are more than 500 GWs of wind power installed capacity across the world today and this number is expected to grow by at least 10 percent each year. Sessions in this track explore new and innovative turbine technology from the nacelle to the foundation, project development, O&M strategies, and markets for both onshore and offshore wind. 

• Wind Turbine Components and Subsystems
• O&M
• Monitoring
• Project Development
• Integration
• Offshore Design & Construction
• Wind Turbine Performance/Reliability
• Forecasting Methods and Technologies
• Policy & Regulation
• Turbine and Blade Design
• International Markets
• Project Permitting

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Wind Power Opportunities for Growth
Wind Power 101
Latest Trends, Development & Challenges In Energy Storage
Energy Storage and Integration Challenges

Track chair: 


Ken Pennock
Global Director, Grid Solutions
UL Renewables