Knowledge Hubs - NEW in 2018! 

You asked and we listened! New in 2018, POWER-GEN International is offering education on the exhibit floor! These micro-sessions are open to all attendees. There will be four Knowledge Hubs scattered throughout the hall with sessions taking place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

The Knowledge Hubs are organized in the below categories:

Decarbonization & Decentralization

Expert speakers from the industry will look into the ways that renewables are impacting the modern power system. Sessions will highlight solar, wind, market design challenges and more.

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Energy Storage and Integration Challenges

Energy storage is seen by many as crucial for smoothing out intermittencies with renewables and to make microgrids feasible. Hub presentations will cover the fundamentals of battery integration with various primary energy sources.

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The Future of Baseload

Gas, coal and nuclear still carry the brunt of generation for power grids everywhere. These sessions will focus on advancements in gas turbine plants, construction trends, the state of nuclear power, compliance and plant retirement planning.

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Emerging Industry Trends and Technologies

The future requires paying attention to exciting and disruptive potential changes from power plant to end user globally. Blockchain, digital twinning and emerging international markets will be at the center of key presentations.

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Power 101 Sessions

Another NEW feature in 2018 are these four 101 sessions available in the Knowledge Hubs. These basic sessions are perfect to for that new engineer, an interested student or a sales rep who wants better insight into the industry. 

Sessions include: 

  • Solar Power 101
  • Gas-Fired Power 101
  • Wind Power 101
  • Energy Storage 101