POWERGEN University

POWERGEN International is pleased to offer the following courses as intensive opportunities for attendees to gain skills and knowledge in specific industry fields. All POWERGEN University courses will be held on Monday, November 18th only. 

Separate registration is required for each course.

Half-day courses:
$295 (Before Sep 20)
$330 (Sep 21-Nov 17)
$350 (After Nov 17)

Full-day courses:
$495 (Before Sep 20)
$530 (Sep 21-Nov 17)
$550 (After Nov 17)

3-hour courses:

Lunch is included for full-day or two half-day registrations. Lunch is not included for the 3-hour course. 


Debbi Wells

Conference Manager
O: +1 918 832 9265
LinkedIn: Connect with Debbi

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

PGU 101: Effective Project Management for the Power Project Professional

This seminar will cover project management “Best Practice” approaches, methods, techniques and tools to enhance the project management of capital power projects. Project management personnel in the power generating industry will learn the most effective and efficient methods...

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

PGU 201: Gas Turbine Long Term Service Agreements: Best Practices for a Successful Procurement RFP Process

Around the world, long-term service agreements (LTSAs) covering large-frame gas turbines are up for renewal in a market that has significantly changed since they were first signed. Certain non-OEM suppliers have found a solid foothold, while large OEMs are now bidding on LTSAs for turbines they did not manufacture. Turbine owners thus have many options for LTSA providers.

PGU 202: Developing a Sustainable Safety Management System

Sustainable safety performance depends on an effective and sustainable safety management system (SMS). Sustainable safety performance has been derived from process safety management (PSM), operations excellence management systems (OEMS) and the ISO series..

PGU 203: Microgrid/Cogeneration Power Plant Planning

Regardless of the type of facility at which they were installed, many on-site cogeneration power plants built in the last 10 years have failed (or performed sub-optimally) due to poor project planning and evaluation from the beginning. This course will apply systems engineering methods...

PGU 204: Digitalization Journey for Power Generation

Digitalization solutions can reshape the power generation value chain by offering more flexible, efficient and reliable generating units – at lower O&M costs. Predictive maintenance strategies can be implemented by actively monitoring the performance...

PGU 206: Cybersecurity for Power Plants & Transmission Systems

This course will provide participants with a greater understanding of the cyber vulnerabilities of electric power plants and transmission systems. The instructors will present and explain the technical standards and solutions that are available to help mitigate the risk posed by cyber threats.

8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

PGU 207: Natural Gas vs. Diesel for On-site Gen-Set Operations

The purpose of this shorter (three hours), reduced price ($75) course is to provide attendees with a basic overview of the impact that fuel type has on engine operation, gen-set performance, system reliability, code acceptance, and total cost of ownership. Participants will see how the growth of natural gas...

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Large-scale Solar PV Systems: Design Considerations

This seminar will be taught by the SEI Professional Services Team and powered by Solar Energy international (SEI) curriculum. This educational session provides an in-depth look into the design process and key considerations for ground-mounted megawatt-scale solar PV systems. 

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

PGU 301: Building the Generation Fleet of the Future

Even as the energy industry continues to evolve, the need for utility-scale electric generation is likely to persist for the foreseeable future.  While grid modernization and the commercialization of smart technologies promise significant benefits to consumers, they also complicate decision-making regarding new investments in generation...

PGU 302: Contractor Safety Management - Driving for Excellence in Managing Contractor HSE Performance

If we really want to improve safety in the workplace, we must focus on ways and means to improve contractor safety. This is because contractors hurt or killed in the workplace at a frequency 3-4 times that of employees. For those of us who have been involved in working to improve contractor safety...

PGU 303: Modern Boiler-Turbine Control Strategies and Tuning for Improved Ramping and Frequency Response

This course introduces thermal power plant processes and dynamics that are impacted by efforts to improve ramp rates, widen operating load ranges and provide frequency response services, and describes control strategies and tuning methods to improve ramping performance.

PGU 304: Business Opportunities in Emerging International Power Markets

The course will present a framework to develop an emerging market entry strategy, various ways one can enter the market and lesson’s learned by other companies. We will present opportunity and market analysis for various fossil plant equipment for a few high growth markets such as South Asia (e.g. India), Southeast Asia...

PGU 305: Machine Learning for Power Plant Managers

In the age of big data, IoT and the industrial internet, industrial plants increasingly want to make practical use of the vast data archives they have accumulated in the last decade. This workshop introduces industry professionals to the topic of machine learning and its practical applications in power generation.

PGU 306: Design, Planning and Integration of Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, and Microgrid in Modernized Distribution Systems

The course covers several emerging topics related to design and applications of distributed energy resources in future and modernized distribution systems. Microgrids and energy storage systems are major focus of the course.

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

PGU 307: Natural Gas vs. Diesel for On-Site Gen-Set Operations

The purpose of this shorter (three hours), reduced price ($75) course is to provide attendees with a basic overview of the impact that fuel type has on engine operation, gen-set performance, system reliability, code acceptance, and total cost of ownership.Participants will see how the growth of natural gas generators in the market is replacing...