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Summit Tracks

Seven hand-selected, timely and relevant topical tracks designed to keep your experience organized, productive and... on track. We understand you don't want to leave a single stone unturned. So, here is your first step in prioritizing your list.

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Digital transformation of the power plant icon

Digital Transformation of the Power Plant Track

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The generation sector features all kinds of resources and technologies, but the ones and zeroes overlay everything. Digital innovation and data analytics improve plant operations and maintenance, generation output and efficiency. At the same time, this data revolution carries the risks of cyberattacks that every utility must face.

Energy storage breakthroughs icon

Energy Storage Breakthroughs Track

Many industry experts believe that utility-scale energy storage is the real game changer for the 21st Century power sector. The ability to store large amounts of power will help power producers fill the production gaps created by growing amounts of intermittent generation. This popular track will cover software solutions, battery challenges, safety, financing and its grid balancing attributes.

Gas-fired turbines and plants icon

Gas-fired Turbines and Plants Track

Natural gas-fired generation now accounts for the largest part of the U.S. electricity mix and is growing around the world. This track looks at best practices, as well as turbine technology improvements and challenges. The flexibility of new-era gas combustion turbines and engines are able to integrate with renewable resources.

Microgrids icon

Microgrids Track

The rapid growth and development of microgrids is driven by various needs and goals within utilities. Some find the integrated technology as a great way to ensure resiliency against storms, while others use it as a way to ensure energy security for crucial services such as hospitals, municipalities and the military. The key questions include costs, locations, design and operations.

on-site power icon

On-site Power Track

This track focuses at the center point of flexible generation. Gensets—whether diesel, gas or dual-fuel—are evolving to meet new needs and also provide power for isolated and industrial processes. They can be found at hospitals, oil drilling sites, microgrids and peaker power plants. On-site power generators are connected to a wide array of sectors that keep the economy going.

Optimizing plant performance icon

Optimizing Plant Performance Track

The modern thermal power plant is still at the forefront of generation, accounting for 80 percent of the mix. Whether it’s gas-fired, coal-fired or nuclear, these power plants are engineering marvels.  In addition, they need an adaptive workforce to deal with mechanical and digital challenges now and in the future. Topics include: gas and steam turbines, boilers, heat recovery steam generators, automation/optimization and maintenance. 

The future of coal-fired generation icon

The Future of Coal-fired Generation Track

Coal-fired generation is not going away any time soon. Although plant retirements are accelerating in the U.S. and other parts of the world, coal-fired power is still expanding globally and it currently maintains a third of the U.S. generation mix. This track will look at cycling, load, maintenance and the keys to long-term survival.