POWERGEN International 2018 Post Event Breakdown

Here is a quick rundown of POWERGEN International in Orlando, FL, Dec. 4-6, 2018.

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About Our Attendees

Number of Years in the Industry

Under 1 Year 3%
2-5 Years 15%
6-10 Years 17%
11-20 Years 19%
20+ Years 47%

Forms of Energy Used at Your Power Plant or Your Company is Interested in

Natural Gas 23%
Oil 14%
Solar 11%
Coal 11%
Wind 9%
Biofuels 9%
Nuclear 7%
Hydro 7%
Waste 7%
Marine Hydrokenetics (MHK) 2%

Job Function

General or corporate management 39%
Engineering including design, systems and planning 10%
Engineering management 8%
Operations management 7%
Other operations 5%
Other engineering 4%
Operations, including maintenance 4%
Other 23%

Regions Your Company Currently Does Business

North America 81%
South America 60%
Europe 60%
Asia 55%
Central America 49%
Middle East 42%
Africa 33%
Australia 32%
Other 18%

Top Reasons They Attend

• Network amongst the industry
• Identify new opportunities/markets
• Keep up-to-date with market trends
• Seek potentional business partners

Attendee Responsibility for Purchasing Products/Services

I am the final decision maker 21%
I influence decisions that are made 57%
I am not responsible for purchasing decisions 22%

That's 78% with purchasing power!

Numbers, Numbers & More Numbers







Attendees say...

95% of attendees said they were satisfied with the quality of exhibitors

94% of attendees said they were satisfied with the networking opportunities

93% of attendees were overall satisfied with POWERGEN 2018

92% of attendees said that POWERGEN is important to their business/organization

70% of attendees said their company does business internationally

Exhibitors say...

84% of exhibitors said they were satisfied with the  quality of visitors to their booth

87% of exhibitors were satisfied with the networking opportunities

86% of exhibitors were overall satisfied with POWERGEN 2018

88% of exhibitors said that POWERGEN is  important for their business

90% of exhibitors said their company does business internationally


"Every time I am here I learn so much about the industry and new technologies that I can apply to the plant I am at. My favorite part of POWERGEN is the networking. Coming here and meeting professionals in the industry equips me to do my job better."

Lloyd Chambers
Orlando Utilities Commission
United States


"POWERGEN is the best bang for our buck. We already have more leads from this show today than another show we did a month ago."

Scott Wennick
Dehn, Inc.

Conference/Summit Stats

12 Tracks

4 Knowledge Hubs





1,798 Participants

in the NEW Knowledge Hubs


Social & Networking Stats


Social Impressions

(that's 3,007 tweets)


Matchmaking Meetings

(NEW app feature in 2018)


App Downloads

(that's 1,782 more than 2017)

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