POWERGEN International always strives to give the best experience possible. Read what some of our attendees and exhibitors feel about POWERGEN.

Attendee Testimonials

“So I basically jumped into POWERGEN with both feet.  I am in the solar sector and that’s what I know and I’m going to school for and this is a completely different aspect of the energy industry, and so for me to really look at it firsthand and see all the cutting edge technologies, it’s really fun and I find that everyone just has the same goal.  We all want to bring energy to the customer and we all want to do it in a clean sustainable way.

My favorite part about POWERGEN is meeting all the amazing women at the luncheon.  I’ve seen how they’ve been able to integrate diversity, inclusion and really stand out and tell the industry that we’re here to stay, we have ideas and we’re going to change the industry.”

-- Janice Scott - Ecotech Insitute, Colordo Springs, CO

“The reason attending POWERGEN is important for my career is really networking. Being out of college in the last five years, I am trying to get my career straight and build those contacts, so that’s the reason why I like POWERGEN.

My favorite part about POWERGEN so far is meeting people in the sessions that are during the pre-conference.

The reason I thought it was important to attend the conference is really to bounce off ideas. When you think you’re doing something right and you want to talk to someone else who’s gone through the same struggles that you are in.”

-- Joshua Raynes - Basin Electric Power Coop, Bismark, ND



“I chose to come to POWERGEN this year because I think this is an interesting marketplace and there were a lot of interesting topics that they were covering this year, how renewable energy can be a part of the future of energy consumption and how can utilize energy storage to be fully reliable on renewable energy."

-- Joakim Palmberg - SWEP, Sweden

“This is my first year at POWERGEN.  My day has been going really well. I think that this is a great opportunity for young professionals like me.  I just graduated in engineering so I think it’s a great way to meet new people and know more about the energy sector around the world because a Brazilian, I’m meeting people from all over the world, so it’s very interesting so far.

The sessions have been really interesting.  I’ve seen two already and it’s great because there are really capable people talking and after we can ask the people questions and it makes a good discussion about what other people think and what the sector things and it’s been great.”

-- Isabella Anselmo - AHRPI Consultoria, Brazil

Exhibitor Testimonials

“The value we see in coming to POWERGEN is because we qualify and generate a lot of leads from this show. It’s been helpful in the past years and its being helpful this year as well.

So what’s great about that I had a chance to walk the show a little bit and got to stop by one of those hubs, and got to listen in on a talk and it was very informative and a great addition to the show.

My favorite part about POWERGEN is networking.”

-- Brandon Donnay - Rockwool Technical Insulation, Byhalia, MN

“Yes, we just started our production in Frederick, Maryland and we are searching for new potential customers, so this show is a great opportunity to find it.  Today was quite a good day, we had a lot of visitors and some of them were very interested in our product, so we are quite satisfied with the first day and hope that the next days will be just as good."

-- Artem Nikitin - Tefelen, Frederick, MD

“We’ve been coming to POWERGEN probably for a better part of 15 years. What we use the show for is really a platform for us to introduce some of our new products.  Today we sell many of the OEMs in the standby market, we supply their customers through them into the rental and even the oil and gas market place.  Being here with new products and being able to have our customers come up and see the engines in real time, put their hands on them, understand their capabilities is a great benefit because it’s not always easy to get OEMs to come to your factory but I think this is a great way for us to explain the products and walk them through some of the benefits that we have.”

-- Gary Winemaster - Power Solutions International

“This is my first time exhibiting at POWERGEN.  It’s the first time that we are here as part of the Ontario nuclear pavilion and I cannot describe the caliber of the exhibitors here and the caliber of people walking the floor, coming chatting with us…it’s been an incredible experience, we’ve learned quite a lot about the different companies as well as the different countries that are here taking a look at everything in the show as well as the other trade country exhibiting as well.

I was really excited in advance to come to POWERGEN for the women in power generation event that was taking place.  I was completely floored in terms of the women speakers that were there…the coaching, the mentorship, the advice that they gave was incredible.  Also the amount of women on the floor, compared to other conferences that I’ve been at, this is by far the most representative at this conference. So I am feeling fantastic. I love the idea that everyone is promoting women in STEM, young people in STEM, men in STEM, so it’s great all around.

As a first time exhibitor, I was most impressed with the caliber of exhibitors at the show, but not only the exhibitors but the diversity of the countries that were represented.  We’ve had individuals from Egypt coming through the booth, we’ve had Italy coming through the booth, so just the diversity in terms of the attendees walking the floor has been incredible meeting and learning different things happening in their countries and how we can help them and how they can help us. So in terms of global growth this is incredible. It’s a great show."

-- Lorena Stellato - Hyperion Sensors INC, Canada

“I really like the hubs in particular because they’re integrated right in with the expo center and you don’t have to go chase of and find some conference room on the third floor and hope not to disturb anyone coming in so I think they’re really popular and you can see by the people stopping by and crowding and filling up the space that they’re popular."

-- Dan Higgins - Madison Gas & Electric, Madison, WI

“Well first off, I’ve been coming to POWERGEN personally since 2004 and this has been by far the best POWERGEN that we’ve attended.  The traffic flow has been better, the quality of traffic, the people that have been coming through and visiting with us are much more technically oriented, much better qualified to talk about decision making, and even better suppliers have shown up. But I’ve been extremely pleased with the amount of traffic you’ve been able to keep on the floor instead of out in the conference rooms through the knowledge hubs and the various things that you’re using to keep people occupied here in the building.  I would encourage more of that. I think it’s been fantastic.  I’ve gotten numerous really good leads out of the whole thing and my president and our chairman of the board have been here and they both have just been completely overwhelmed with the amount of traffic that’s come through especially first couple of days have been fantastic.  Certainly the best first day we’ve ever seen.”

-- Don McGinnis - Kingsbury, INC., Hatboro, PA

"Our experience at POWERGEN this year has been fantastic. Second time here, but first time with a larger booth. We have had great access to decision makers using the matchmaking program, setting up meeting in advance. We’ve had some walkups and some preset meetings and both of those have given us multiple leads per day.  We’ve had access to a couple of the big decision makers that the big utility companies that we’ve needed to make contact with so the show has been successful for us the last three days.”

-- Jason Baker - Kardie Equipment (Bronto), Austin, TX


"We elected to join the MATCH! program...making sure that we got in front of the right people for our business. Being able to rely on the MATCH! program and the great people running the MATCH! program, we’ve had fantastic interviews and fantastic meetings with clients that we really wanted to speak with. So for me, it seems like a no-brainer to do something like this."

-- Heather Barefoot, Precision Hawk

"The MATCH! program has been great! It’s allowed us to interact with some very specific, targeted accounts. It has allowed us to have deep meaningful conversations, rather than just a passing pleasantry. The folks that we’ve spoken with through the MATCH! program have been those who have authority, who have insight about their utility, and are empowered to make those decisions and drive directions going beyond the conversation we have here today. So it’s been the right mix of people who have been interested and engaged to speak with us, which is pretty great."

-- Bradley Johnson, Clevest

"The quality of the MATCH! participants that we engaged with at the Trimble Energy booth was impressive...We had a lot of the solutions that they were interested in learning more about. The engagements were of very high quality... The program allows the system to match participants based on what they’re specifically looking for, with the solutions that the vendors are offering, so when they did meet with you at the booth you were already advanced in terms of the conversation you were having with them."

-- Bob Stern, Trimble Energy

"We are big fans of MATCH! Our goal is to focus on presenting the right message to our customers and through MATCH! we have been able to qualify the visits...To that end, when MATCH! arranged our appointment we knew that they were qualified, at the decision-maker level, and we were able to convey our message effectively so that it made sense for them and they could take that back to the company and make the appropriate decisions, whether it would be to move forward with us or what departments within their company would best match our solution...This year, it may be because of MATCH!, but it has been by far our best exhibit ever and it is because the quality of people and traffic coming to our booth are the high-level decision-makers."

-- Margaret Paietta, Fischer Block, Inc.