Event e-Newsletters

Match up your message with the event's official daily recap.

Providing targeted reach at a low cost, these e-Newsletters deliver the latest industry news and technology information to event attendees and exhibitors. Every issue contains links to some of the latest news – including event-specific announcements and topics, most interesting blogs, informative videos, or technical white papers on our website.

Three types of advertising opportunities are available within e-Newsletters: 
• Banner Ads
• Text Ads
• Hybrid Ads (a mixture of banner and text ads)

Ad Sizes and Specifications

Intro Ad 1-2
Headline: max 70 characters (including spaces), Body text: max 450 characters (including spaces) + click-through URL link: 
Optional Image: 150x100 + click-through URL

Featured Company
Company Logo 350x250 + 385 character max description + click-through URL

728x90 Max 40K + URL link or *Hybrid Ad (*no larger than 150x150 image (max 30k) + max word count 45 + one URL link) Plain text ad is acceptable

Middle 1-8
300x250, 40K max, or *Hybrid Ad  (*no larger than 150x150 image (max 30K) + max word count 45 (including spaces) + one URL link)
Plain text ad is acceptable.

Product Showcase Sponsor #1 through #8
30-50 words of copy, Booth number, Product/Company Info + click through URL Photo: 150x200 + click through URL Logo: 150x50 + click through URL

Video Production Sponsor #1 through #8
Title - max 35 characters (including spaces); Video Description - max 255 characters (including spaces); Company logo (no larger than 150x50)

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