Event Website Display Ads

A highly-trafficked environment of individuals thinking about our event.

An event website banner allows you to align your message with relevant content, providing more targeted impressions to exhibitors and attendees planning for the event. Your advertising message and offerings will be highly visible to professionals focused on the topic related to your products and services - targeted marketing at its very best. The advertising positions appear on our responsive site, giving advertisers added exposure to mobile users.

Ad Sizes and Specifications

Leaderboard ROS
728x90 + click-through URL

Site Sponsor #1
300x250 + click-through URL

Hotel Info Page Sponsor
728x90 + click-through URL

Audience Extension Program (Retargeting)
728x90 + click-through URL, 300x250 + click-through URL, 300x600 + click-through URL

a2z Floor Plan Banner Ad

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