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Energy storage

Energy Storage

Large-scale battery storage is key for smoothing out the intermittency of renewables, and it also plays a role in peak shaving, time of use consumption and load following.

on-site power

On-site Power

Whether it’s a microgrid, a data center, oil and gas drilling rig or a mission-critical site such as a military base, backup gen-sets are the backbone of energy need when the grid isn’t enough.

Natural gas

Natural Gas

Natural gas abundance is changing the energy world. Gas-fired turbines are changing the electricity mix.



Coal-fired power is reliable when you need it the most - cold winters. It is still more than 30 percent of the U.S. generation mix and it’s still adding capacity globally.


Solar Power

The sun also rises in utility resource plans for the future. Solar is growing not only in California and the Carolinas, but also in the southeast, southwest  and Middle East.



Wind is the generation resource with the biggest upside in terms of utility scale growth. It competes on a cost scale even where resources such as a natural gas is cheap.



Hydro is the world’s first renewable energy resource. It is as reliable and essential as the river that runs through it.


Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy has been under siege for years due to financial strains and environmental challenges. However, it still represents 20 percent of the generation mix and is the biggest zero-carbon baseload energy source at this time.