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Large-scale battery storage is key for smoothing out the intermittency of renewables, and it also plays a role in peak shaving, time of use consumption and load following.

Energy storage on the exhibit floor 

exhibit floor

Energy storage-related exhibitors

This year, we have many exhibitors focusing on energy storage. 

1. CSA Group Booth
2. Girtz Industries  
3. IHI Corporation
4. Parker Hannifin
5. Stellar Energy  

Exhibition 2.0

Exhibition 2.0

We're reimagining the floor networking experience with these key additions: 

1. Initiate! All-new start-up zone 
2. Enhanced Knowledge Hubs More space & more FREE content
3. Food & Networking Hots Spots No need to walk for a bite and a quick meet
4. MATCH! Meeting zone (available for participating exhibitors)
5. Organized Intl & Technology Pavilions Making a big floor small again

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Energy storage in the content program


Summit track

Energy storage breakthroughs

Many industry experts believe that utility-scale energy storage is the real game changer for the 21st Century power sector. The ability to store large...

Knowledge hub

Knowledge Hub

Decentralized energy, energy storage, microgrids, and on-site power

The power sector is getting stretched like never before. Rooftop and community solar, batteries and other storage...

POWERGEN University

POWERGEN University

PGU 203: Microgrid/Cogeneration Power Plant Planning

Regardless of the type of facility at which they were installed, many on-site cogeneration power plants built...

POWERGEN University

POWERGEN University

PGU 306: Design, Planning and Integration of Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, and Microgrid in Modernized Distribution Systems

Breakfast roundtables

Breakfast roundtable

These roundtable discussions provide excellent opportunities to network with peers while engaging with industry experts. We have a roundtable focusing on energy storage.

Energy storage in the media

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Power Engineering

Energy storage company Saft buys Go Electric


Go Electric Inc. is a specialist in energy resiliency solutions for microgrids and commercial & industrial customers integrating rene...

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Renewable Energy World

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. For real this time, IEA Says

06/14/2019 Hydrogen, which has been touted as the fuel of the future much of the past five decades, may finally be on the verge of converting its po...