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Natural gas abundance is changing the energy world. Gas-fired turbines are changing the electricity mix.

Natural gas on the exhibit floor 

exhibit floor

Natural gas-related exhibitors

This year, we have many exhibitors focusing on natural gas. 

1. Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.
2. Global Emissions Systems, Inc. (GESI)
3. Origin Engines
4. Power Solutions International, Inc.
5. Teksan

exhibition 2.0

Exhibition 2.0

We're reimagining the floor networking experience with these key additions: 

1. Initiate! All-new start-up zone 
2. Enhanced Knowledge Hubs More space & more FREE content
3. Food & Networking Hots Spots No need to walk for a bite and a quick meet
4. MATCH! Meeting zone (available for participating exhibitors)
5. Organized Intl & Technology Pavilions Making a big floor small again

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Natural gas in the content program


Summit track

Gas-fired turbines and plants 

Natural gas-fired generation now accounts for the largest part of the U.S. electricity mix and is growing around the world. This track looks... 

Knowledge hub

Knowledge hub

Natural gas infrastructure

Gas-fired generation has seized a pivotal role not only in the U.S. -due to the shale revolution- but also worldwide. Yet natural gas...

POWERGEN University

POWERGEN University

PGU 207/307: Natural Gas vs. Diesel for On-Site Gen-Set Operations

The purpose of this shorter (three hours), reduced price ($75) course is to provide attendees with a basic overview...

POWERGEN University

POWERGEN University

PGU 201: Gas Turbine Long Term Service Agreements: Best Practices for a Successful Procurement RFP Process


Breakfast roundtable

Breakfast roundtable

These roundtable discussions provide excellent opportunities to network with peers while engaging with industry experts. We have a roundtable focusing on gas-fired combined cycle plants.

Natural gas in the media

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Power Engineering

New Ceres report: U.S. utilities continue march away from coal


The report found that in 2017, for the first year ever, zero-carbon resources accounted for more electricity generation (35.4 percent) th...

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Power Engineering International

Statkraft and Statera to deliver 1 GW virtual power plant


Nordic energy company Statkraft is taking its virtual power plant concept in the UK to the next level today with a deal with battery stor...