Start-ups. Students. The Energy Future.

We are pleased to introduce the all-new start-ups, young professionals and students ecosystem at POWERGEN. This isn't just a foot in the door - this is the most proactive step a young company can take to enter the transitioning power generation and sustainability markets.

Our Starts Ups Have Been Chosen...


Speaker: Michael Longo

Anax Power generates clean power from natural gas, without combustion. The company uses a turboexpander generator specifically designed for the natural gas transmission market to create financial and environmental value for pipeline operators, natural gas power plants, and large industrial users of natural gas and electricity.

Speaker: Sergio Zimath

AQTech designs and implement solutions for Hydro, Wind and Thermal generation diagnostics and remaining useful life prognostics. Our products enable predictive (condition-based) maintenance policies adoption to improve asset management, which impacts on cost reduction and increased productivity and profitability of the Electrical Power Industry.

Knowledge, an awesome team, state of the art products and happy customers results in market acceptance and in the fourth year of double revenue growth.


Speaker: Paul Cheng

Invention is the result of desperation. Solid State Fusion weld is flawless; one shot in less than 60 seconds... no filler, absolute zero toxic fume, no sparks. Ideal for difficult to weld materials  between similar and dissimilar metals. Inside and outside quality are mirror images, quality can be monitored and documented in real time but ignored by industry since inception 19 years ago.

Problem is: How to join the last joint? FuseRing is the key that enables pipeline, refinery, nuclear refurbishments, shipbuilding and submarines to be built using one system of 'welding' in less time but delivering superior quality. Process is automated, addressing our global shortage of qualified welders.


Speaker: Annie Eaton

Futurus is an Atlanta-based future technologies company, specializing in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development. We work with brands to create immersive experiences for training, testing, on-site assistance, and product visualization. In addition to development services, the team provides consulting and technology discovery for companies in all industries with an interest in applying innovative tech. For more information about Futurus, visit 

Speaker: Maher Damak

Power plants are one of the largest users of water in the US, and most of it is used for cooling. Infinite Cooling is a company spun-out of an MIT research lab with technology that utilizes electric fields to capture water as it leaves power plant cooling tower exhausts, saving these facilities 20% on their water use and expense, as well as eliminating visible plumes. The system is easily retrofitted to most cooling towers without a power plant shutdown and with no impact on performance. The company has two ongoing projects at natural gas and nuclear facilities.  Infinite Cooling is funded by one of the world’s premier energy investors and it was founded in 2017 by MIT researchers Dr. Maher Damak (CEO), Dr. Karim Khalil (CTO), and Prof. Kripa Varanasi (Chairman). The company has won the MIT Clean Energy Prize, the National DOE Cleantech UP Grand Prize, the Rice Business Plan Competition Grand Prize, the MassChallenge Grand Prize and the MIT $100K Competition Grand Prize.

Speaker: William Conlon

At PowerGen Initiate, Pintail Power will introduce the Energy Storage Combined Cycle (ESCC). This long-duration hybrid energy storage technology enables operators of combustion turbines to leverage excess low-cost renewable energy to cut Heat Rate in half and add carbon-free capacity.  ESCC combines proven molten salt thermal energy storage with thermal power equipment to improve the reliability and economics of both renewable and conventional generation resources.  Our patented integration increases power, fuel efficiency, storage density, and operating flexibility while relieving rate-of-charge and state-of-charge constraints that degrade or shorten the life of batteries.  Pintail Power provides utility-scale long duration energy storage (up to 24 or more hours) at a fraction of the cost of Lithium batteries while avoiding their safety, toxicity and environmental issues.  With vendor-neutral systems integration and technical services to asset owners and developers via EPCs, utilities can deploy at any scale, either new-build or as storage upgrades to existing facilities at substantially lower cost than alternatives. Pintail Power’s technology accelerates a reliable transition to aggressive clean energy targets.

Speaker: Reamonn Soto

Sensatek Propulsion Technology, Inc. (Sensatek) offers extreme monitoring of temperatures up to 1,400C. Sensatek’s patented sensors are embedded on rotating and stationary gas turbine blades to obtain more accurate combustion firing temperature data, enabling gas turbines to operate more efficiently – leading to more electricity production. Sensatek’s sensors boost revenue without increasing cost, and allow operators to more efficiently conduct reliability-based maintenance on an as-needed basis, driving additional cost savings. Our solution offers gas turbine fleet owners the capability to place small-sized sensors in hard to reach areas, and transmit the sensed data wirelessly. The sensor is made of polymer-derived ceramics (PDC) that are able to withstand the high temperature and harsh environment of turbine engines, and requires no external power source or batteries.   

Sensatek is a VC backed startup based in Daytona Beach, Florida and has received numerous awards that includes:

  • National Science Foundation STTR Phase 1 and SBIR Phase II
  • 1st Place Winner of U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Megawatt Ventures Regional Competition
  • Starter Studio Seed Fund Accelerator 2016 Cohort
  • Village Capital US Energy 2018 Cohort

Speaker: Alexander Kogan

HEWS Technologies, Inc., incorporated in 2017 in State of Florida Originator and developer of the Induced-Flow Wind Power System (US Patent 10,161,382 B2), a robust Distributed wind generator technology designated for high/ extreme wind environments.

The company has the Manufacturing capabilities for 10 MW total power HEWS systems through Cooperation Agreement with Industrial Air Products, Inc. Since 1974, IAP has been a complete resource for custom made industrial fans, blowers, and dampers, from initial design engineering to fabrication and delivery with ongoing service assistance. Earning an international reputation for trouble-free performance and consistent quality of its custom and standard industrial fans and blowers.   

Initiate! Hub Schedule


Tuesday, November 19
10:30 AM - Anax Power
10:45 AM - AQTech Power Prognostics
11:00 AM - FuseRing
11:15 AM - Futurus
2:15 PM - 2:45 PM - James Foster, FED Environmental
2:45 PM - 3:15 PM - Ian Hamilton, Atlas Energy Systems
3:25 PM - HEWS Technologies
3:40 PM - Infinite Cooling
3:55 PM - Pintail Power
4:10 PM - Sensatek
4:30 PM - 5:00 PM - Liz Thompson, EPIcenter
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM - Powerful Young Professionals Reception

Wednesday, November 20
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Awards
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM - African Energy Insights Briefing